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Safe and secure

Once a client patient is released from an alcohol and/or drug addiction rehab program and comes into contact with Sober Angels services, all information is kept completely confidential at all times. 

While fully private alcohol and drug addiction recovery providers like Sober Angels may or may not be bound by Federal confidentiality laws or similar state regulations, it is in our best interest to keep records confidential at all times. This is an industry best practice. Many patients have been persuaded to accept treatment only because that treatment remains private and confidential. This is especially important when the patient is, in general, a responsible and productive individual who has simply developed an addiction problem but is willing to deal with his or her addiction.

Rest assured that when you fill out our contact form, we will use the information for internal use only and proper safeguards are in place that prevent outside access into our systems. You and your loved ones will have peace of mind that your information will always be kept confidential.This vulnerable transition period is eliminated by expert aftercare companions that safely and effectively transport clients to any location or facility in the United States and Canada. The primary goal is to the needed support and coaching for even this short period of transition.