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Top-of-the-line monitoring

Sober Angels has partnered with different technology companies to provide tools that helps maintain sobriety and provide a tamper-proof method of accountability. Modern technologies with built-in testing and facial recognition software allow us to continue the accountability after our term of sober coaching has completed.

Some tools have Daily Testing Programs which include the ability to monitor and document sobriety for the Monitored Client. Testing times are managed by the system, which sends reminder text messages and documents missed tests. A typical schedule has 2 to 3 tests per day during waking hours.

Top-of-the-line monitoring

These innovative monitoring tools allow for the perfect level of accountability for your transition off of full-time, post-recovery companionship into your daily life for as much time as needed. It provides peace of mind for the patient and is court-admissible in U.S and Canadian legal systems.