There may be nothing more frightening in being released from a rehabilitation facility then to suddenly face the realities of your recovery in a familiar and daunting world. It is one thing to be quarantined while you are detoxifying and to have all the hope from the education and training you have received, but quite another to be put back into the same set of friends, family and work that were not present during your training. I am confident that my recovery would have failed the week after returning home had I not had the guidance and encouragement from a companion that had been through the same challenges. I learned the tools in rehab but for me they would have been useless had I not had a companion from SoberAngels helping me navigate the triggers and pitfalls of staying sober. in the real world. I had never meditated in my life and was skeptical of some of the requirements. Meetings every day the first month? I would never had done it on my own. I’m eternally grateful for _____________ and his kindness, patience and constant encouragement.

John E

- 5 Years Sober

As a former sponsee (that has moved into the sober companion care industry), I have seen first-hand how _____________ with SoberAngels was able to heal and treat me with her kindness, empathy, compassion, knowledge and expertise. We are still friends 14 years later. She has worked as a counselor and mentor for over 20 years and has demonstrated a 100% track record of helping her clients, friends and sponsees. She has the innate ability to handle the most difficult situations and come out on top helping and healing her patients and clients with her unique and special talents. She has outstanding interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to connect with individuals and establish trusting relationships (with the sickest of patients) and still get nothing but glowing reviews. She has strong motivational, organizational skills and leadership capabilities that make her a strong contributor and helpful asset in the challenging capacity of addiction. With decades of experience in at-risk support and mentoring, coupled with her own personal experience with substance abuse and a strong dedication to providing critical assistance to those in need, I know she will quickly exceed your expectations.

If you are lucky enough to have her recommended to work for you, I highly recommend you hire her to help you or your loved ones thru this difficult time.


- 20 Years Sober

I am writing this letter to highly recommend ___________ and SoberAngels. I have known her for over 13 years and I can honestly say she is the most trustworthy, kind, understanding and helpful person I know. She has also helped me personally walk through the most challenging times in life and helped me get to the other side of addiction. In addition, I have seen her help countless women through their challenges with sobriety.

Her methods work. There is no one better to help you with whatever you are facing than _________ and Sober Angels.


- 13 Years Sober

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